I am excited by sharing livable spaces with young people and their families. I am passionate about working with people from an empathetic and empowered framework. 
I am a registered Child and Youth Care Counsellor, have training in Solution Focused Outdoor Therapy, and have a Doctorate Degree in Child and Youth Care.
 I believe in the power of an integrated therapeutic perspective that includes recreation, play, solution focused, narrative, and family approaches to help you heal and grow from undesirable experiences.​​​​​​​ 
I aim to help you live your most desirable life and focus on enhancing the future
A few focus areas include:​​​
- working with people who have mental health challenges and diagnoses;
- families in transition such as school grade transitions, from school to early-career, mid-career changes, migration and fleeing domestic abuse;
- with those wrestling to understand their feelings and actions​​​​​​​
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